memento vivere
welcome to the seeds of my mind;a daring collection of thoughts in art, strung together to record and remember the life i am living. & that is my single goal - to capture the raw energy of time within my reach, to relish each beautiful second of memory, to map the human mind of mine.
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We’re all so chained to the label of simple words. These words, these phrases, these definitions are created by us - and control us all. We’re all in a state of comfort when order exists, when chaos is at bay, when we know what happens next. We are bound by the nature of words and their definition; we are consumed with what everything is supposed to do or what is supposed to happen. A friend is supposed to have your back, a boyfriend or girlfriend is supposed to love you, a family is supposed to provide the best for you. Food is supposed to make you gain weight and working hard is supposed to guarantee success. In a world carefully constructed by laws, the nature of order and cause and effect is prominent; it is when the effect doesn’t occur that creates anxiety and dismay. But, if we stop defining these words, these labels, these supposed events, the words would lose their meaning and everything with it.

this is me letting go.

this is me moving beyond these labels and feeling liberated.

this is me building my own chaos. 

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